Top 6 Ted Talks on sex, infidelity and relationships

Best ted health talks on sexual health, infidelity and relationships. #sex #relationships #infidelity

I absolutely love Ted Talks, especially the ones on interesting facts and stories around sex, sexual health and relationships. Some topics covered in these ted talk topics may be seen as taboo, but they have such a strong message and you never know, you may even learn a thing or two !

Here is my top 6 Ted Talks on relationships and sexual health

1. The secret to desire in a long-term relationship by Esther Perel

Esther goes places where others will not go, she is straight forward, straight to the point, honest and knowledgeable. Esther explores taboo topics and looks into sexual desire within relationships and out of the relationship. If you like learning about why people behave the way they do, this ted talk is for you!

I found this Ted Talk absolutely fascinating and I hope you do too.

Be prepared to feel intrigued and uncomfortable all at the same time, with some humor thrown into the mix.

She also has two books that are amazing, I am a huge fan of Ester Perel! Her books are easy to read, interesting and full of valuable content. If you enjoyed her YouTube ted talk, you’ll absolutely love her books.

2. Is casual sex bad for you? – Dr Zhana Vrangalova

Coming in and number two of the top 6 Ted talks on sexual health and relationships, Dr Zhana explores if casual sex behaviours and sigma. Dr Zhana developed the amazingly popular Casual Sex Project websiteOpens in a new tab., which is extremely popular where people write about their sexual experiences. The interaction and posts on this website have allowed Dr Zhana to investigate and form conclusions on the behaviours of casual sex.

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3. Orgasm: The cure for hunger in the Western Women- Nicole Daedone

Nicole Daedone presents this very interesting ted talks about sex and Orgasms in women. Nicole is a fantastic storyteller and incorporates humour for a rather uncomfortable topic for some people. I was literally crying from laughter listening to Nicole telling her stories. Here is the video below, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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4. The difference between healthy and unhealthy love- Katie Hood- Number 4 on best ted talks on sex and relationships

Katie explores the love in relationships, friendships and family and looks at unhealthy relationship behaviors. Katie speaks of the subtle and sometimes unknown signs your in an unhealthy and toxic relationship.

This Tedx talk is thought provoking, and insightful.

5. Rethinking infidelity… a talk for anyone who has loved- Esther Perel

Another favourite of Esther Perel, where she talks about infidelity and why happy people in love still cheat. Esther covers cheating, relationships, sex, romance, friendships and advice. Again, Esther touches on taboo subjects, she incorporates humour and interesting themes to cover an uncomfortable topic. A down to earth presentation I am sure you will find very interesting.

This Tedx Talk gives an interesting insight into why people cheat and looks at different cultures and times and who cheating has changed over the years. Watch to understand why she got a standing ovation for this ted talk. Opens in a new tab.

My favorite quote of this ted talk:

Affairs in the digital age, a death by a thousand cuts – Esther Perel

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6. Coming in at number 6 on best Ted Talks on sex and relationships is : How to tell if someone truly loves you- Femi Ogunjinmi

It is so difficult to describe the feeling of falling in love. Love is a complex feeling, I have covered this in a post about how do you know when you fall in love. Opens in a new tab. How to tell if someone really loves you, is complex but Femi explains it beautifully.

Wow, this man oozes charisma! A calm and direct approach to exploring how to tell if someone loves you or not. Femi is a relationship and a lifestyle coach. He talks about the types of love, sex, passional and relationships.

If you liked what Femi had to say, he also has a book available that has very good reviews.

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