Top 10 YouTube channels on mental health

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I absolutely love YouTube and how easily you can lose hours going from one video to the next. Here is my top 10 favorite YouTube channels on mental health.

Although YouTube does have a lot of “misinformation”, there are a few YouTubers that are professionals in their field, who I just love learning from.

Below, is my top 10 favourite youtubers who discuss mental health issues and conditions.

1. Dr Ramani Duvasula

Also seen on Medcircle, I absolutely love Dr Ramani’s youtube channel for her informative and realistic explanation on mental health disorders. She has featured on medcircle many times with some very interesting information.

You can see the passion she has for helping patients with mental health.

2. Medcircle

Coming in at a very close number 2, Medcircle is another great mental health channel on youtube. Their content is engaging, easy to follow and understand, and provide some really good tools for people suffering from mental health disorders.

Medcircle mainly do mental health interviews with psychologists and psychiatrists and normally release one each week. Their videos are definitely worth the wait.

They have some fantastic content including interesting interviews with Dr Ramani who I mentioned as my number 1 spot. I really enjoy watching the interviews, plus the interviewer is easy on the eyes 😀

3. Psych2go

I have to admit, these top three are all so close. I also absolutely love Psych2go.

They have fun and interesting graphics and animations, with easy to understand content.

As per their description on YouTube, this is their channel in a nutshell. , ‘Your weekly dose of fun and interesting psychology, creepy psychology, psychopaths, serial killers, pop psychology, political psychology. Pretty much whatever you learn in school, but just in a way that you can apply and relate”.

This is one youtube channel I dont miss when they do their weekly releases. I highly recommend this one!

4. Douglas Bloch

This channel is dedicated mostly to people trying to heal and cope with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. Presented by Douglas Bloch, a mental health counsellor and also a sufferer of depression.

Douglas posts every week, and has some fantastic tools and strategies to help deal with mental illness. He also has a live Q&A that many people find very helpful to ask questions and get feedback directly from Douglas.

5. Osmosis

Osmosis is my number 5 pick, although they generally contain content on general health, they do have some amazing presentations on mental health disorders. The presenter breaks them down so they are easily understood, and uses visuals in the videos to encourage retention of the content.

The videos are a little more complex than the ones mentioned previously, but they are beautifully explained and broken down very well.

6. Dr Tracey Marks

Dr Tracey Marks has a fantastic mental health channel that focuses on mental health disorders. She posts every week and often replies to questions from people who comment on her videos. As per the video below.

I particularly like watching Dr Marks, shes honest, knowledgeable and provides complex information in a way that is easy to understand.

7. Peak your mind

Peak your mind is an easy to watch Chanel and that provides good information and self-help strategies to be the best version of you.

I really like the presenter’s energy, he is bubbly and easy to have on in the background without needing to concentrate too much. Although in some videos, the background music is a little loud and distracting, I still find the videos to provide valuable content and strategies to improve my day.

8. Mind and mental health charity

An open and honest blog that looks into the real lives of people with mental illnesses. I love how Mind and mental health charity present their videos, it’s raw, it’s confronting, its thought-provoking, it’s real life.

9.Rethink Mental Illness

From interviews with people suffering from mental illness to lectures, this is a channel with broad content that covers various topics. Although not the most popular channel, I think some of the content relates to people suffering from, or interested in mental health.

10. Mental Health at work

Last but not least, number 10 on this list is Mental Health at Work. I particularly love the animation and graphics in conjunction with the content. The aim of mental health at work is to provide education for people and organisations on mental health, promoting mental health at a level that is easy to understand.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Do you love watching YouTube videos on mental health too? Let me know below which ones are your favourites or which you thought should have been on my list ♥️

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