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How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight On Phentermine – Duromine (2021)?

How much weight can you lose phentermine duramine

Losing weight can be extremely challenging, especially as we age.  With the help of some weight loss medication aids, you may find it much easier to lose weight. Phentermine, also known as duromine, apipex/adapex is a great medication that may assist in your weight loss.  Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that is approved for short-term use (up to 12 weeks) for the treatment of obesity. 

How much weight can you lose phentermine /duramine/ apipex? 

On average, you can expect to lose between 3% to 9%of your total body weight while using phentermine. Although, one study did show a weight loss of up to 10% of your total body weight during phentermine treatment. 

In a 56-week randomized study of obese and overweight individuals, results showed that phentermine/topiramate (combination medication) resulted in significant weight loss compared with the placebo. The study also found that in conjunction with improvements in lifestyle, phentermine was well tolerated and showed to be an effective option for sustained weight loss. 

There are many websites that have reviews from people who have used duromine for weight loss. Here are some of the results and reviews written on product review.

Name / DoseStarting weightCurrent weightOverall experience
Kiddy C, Sydney Australia 
Dose 30mg Phentermine
98kg / 216 pounds 89kg/ 196 pounds after 6 weeks of therapyVery positive, gave duramine 5/5 stars  “The first few days were difficult at times, I had pretty bad insomnia, but I’ve been listening to white noise sleep apps to help. My appetite has diminished immensely, I now eat at certain times instead of constant snacking, and my first light meal is around 12pm.”  
AndyMan/ QLD, Australia Dose not stated180kg/ 396 Pounds124kg/273 pounds in five months   “When I started on Duromine 5 months ago, I weighed 180kg. Straight away it worked for me. No more cravings and lots of energy. I’ve lost roughly 10kg a month with a total loss so far of 55.4 kg. I’m feeling great but still have long way to go. I stick to basic meal plans as I’ve pretty much lost interest in food. Just have what I need to stay healthy. I recommend taking vitamins while on duromine. I had some of the minor side-effects but it’s been worth it.”  
Teagan, Perth, Western Australia  15mg dose94.6kg/ 208 pounds89.9kg/ 198 pounds after two months.“It doesn’t make me wide awake, I’m on 15mg. I take it in the morning. I do eat a little less but not majorly. It doesn’t do too much to my appetite or energy. I usually wake up tired and I take it, then at around 2-4pm I’m so tired I just want to nap. But then it will subside a little. I’ve been on it for 53 days now. I was prescribed 2mths. I began at 94.6kg. My weight now is 89.9kg. It does go up and down still like usual. But I’m happy to see it going down. I’m almost two months I have lost a total of 4.7kg. So far I can’t see the difference. Hopefully I can get another month, maybe on a higher dose. And continue to lose weight. It’s works a little like an anti-depressant for me. Less like a stimulant. I may have underlying ADHD.” 
Jodie/ Sydney, Australia Dose 30mg91kg/  200 pounds54kg/  119 pounds after 5 months of treatment. “I have to say the first 2 weeks were absolute hell for me, I felt so unwell, I was sweating like never before felt so hot and had the driest mouth i had ever had, I never had an issue with the sleeping…. if anything I have slept so much better since taking taking this (very weird).”  
Stephanie,  Australia Dose not statedNot statedNot stated, however, said they lost 12kg in 6 months “Get ready to drink A LOT of water on these pills,because dry mouth will be your best friend.
I`d find myself picking at my skin/hairs a lot too as if i couldn’t help myself & recently im very sweaty at the slightest activity.” 
Eliza, Australia 30mg dose duramineNot stated23.9kg / 52-pound weight loss in 4 months. “My points I want to mention are:
1. Dry mouth is good. It’s made me significantly up my water intake
2. I did get a weird feeling of phlem in my throat a lot
3. I sweat loads more. But again, that is a good thing
4. My brain doesnt constantly beg for unhealthy food! This is what made my weight loss!
5. I have become an extremely picky eater. I see it as a plus though, I now only want food to sustain me, so I always pick healthy foods.
6. Take it as soon as you wake up. Do not wait to take it as you WILL NOT SLEEP lol
7. Be very careful when you come off duromine. I had a week off in between & was always craving! It was really hard! I stuck to it though
8. I did not experience any mental side effects like some others do.” 
Immz, Melbourne, Australia  Not stated17kg/ 37 pounds  in 2 weeks“I lost 17kgs in 2 weeks.. My meals were healthy but a decent size.. I only removed junk food and soft drinks from my diet.. Drank lots of water, walked (a fair distance, twice daily) and a couple of lounge-room exercises:
– pilates 3-5 times a week (dvd, pilates for dummies haha)
– some tae bo (also a dvd)
My work shifts changed weekly so walking and exercising at home suited my daily routine”

As shown in the chart above, results can vary dramatically, and it all comes down to your overall intake vs when you burn, and lifestyle changes that you incorporate as part of the holistic plan to weight loss. 

What are the side effects of Phentermine (Duromine/ Apipex)?

Some of the most reported side effects include dry mouth, increased thirst, and insomnia. 

Some of the less common side effects of phentermine include increased anxiety, nervousness, depression, nausea, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, and tremors. It is important you work closely with your health professional to monitor your side effects more closely.

To read more on side effects, please visit the Department of Health website.

Can you take Phentermine (Duromine/ Apipex) if you have high blood pressure? 

A precaution for taking phentermine (Duromine/Apipex) is if you have high blood pressure. However, a very interesting study showed that using phentermine for the treatment of obesity does not result in increased heart rate or blood pressure, but instead, there were associated “favorable shifts” in blood pressure and reduced progression of hypertension in obese patients. 

As a general rule, as body fat is reduced, this has a direct effect on blood pressure. Weight loss can reduce the overall cardiovascular risk that is linked with obesity. As with all prescribed medication, it is essential you work closely with your Health Professional to ensure this medication is the best choice for you. 

Where do I purchase to get Phentermine?

In Australia and the United States, you will need to see your health care professional. They will assess to see if you’re the right candidate for this medication. If your considered a good candidate, they will provide you a script that you can obtain from a pharmacy.