Best free apps for tracking carbs on android and iPhone

There are so many health and diet apps available to android and Iphone, but which are the best when your trying to calculate your carbs and other macros? The keto diet and other low carb diets require restriction of carbohydrates. Check out nurse mummys best and FREE carb tracking apps available free to download on all devices

Tracking carb intake is important, especially when on a low-carb diet such as the Keto Diet. Reducing your carb intake is a great way to lose unwanted body fat. Tracking carbs, fats, and protein can be very time-consuming to work out carbs for each item you add to your meal.

This process can be simplified by using a phone or iPad app, but there are so many apps out there, it is sometimes hard to choose the right one for you.

Let us explore the best free apps for tracking carbs, and their pros and cons

1. Easy Diet Diary

The Easy Diet Diary is a free app that is available on android and ios. It has a large database of foods that is easily entered by scanning the product code. Easy, Simple, and intuitive. This is a favorite for many keto dieters on online forums, with many of them recommending this app specifically for the keto diet due to its ease of use.

Easy Diet Diary app for iphone and android. Fantastic and simple app to help track carbs for keto and other low carb diets


  • Great for Australian users as it Australian made and has many of the items available on our shelves!
  • Can log your food in grams
  • Simple design but powerful to use
  • Easy to use
  • Simply scan your barcode to enter the details
  • A high rating on the app store of 4.7 stars out of 5.
  • Has had 13.1K reviews!


  • Not so helpful for non-Australian uses
  • Could be integrated with some exercise apps

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a very popular carb and diet tracking app available for android and IOS with over 500,000,000 downloads! This “all in one” tracker, you can lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle or start a new diet all in the one app. This is a fantastic app for anyone wanting to monitor what they are eating, even if they are not carb counting.

My Fitness Pay calorie counter app is great for tracking calories and macros.


  • A great way to stay motivated with graphs and tips to help you meet your goals
  • Great fitness community that helps with motivation and tips and tricks
  • Integrates beautifully with other apps and connects with up to 50 other apps such as Fitbit, Garmin, Mapmyrun, Samsung Health, and Apple Health Kit.
  • Large food database with over 11million foods listed
  • Ability to track goals and having the ability to create personalised goals
  • Tracks your water intake
  • Has diet plans you can follow


  • For more advanced features you need to subscribe and pay a monthly or annual fee
  • For specific Macro tracking, you need to upgrade to a subscription-based membership
  • May not have specific products from countries outside of the U.S
  • Some “vague” food measurement options
  • Some inconsistencies with the foods listed

3.Carb Manager: Keto Diet Tracker & Macro Counter

Available on both android and IOS, this app is directed at people interested in the Keto Diet and other low carb programs. This app contains both a meal planner and Keto recipes.

Carb Manager: Keto diet tracker and macro counter is one of the most popular apps for those doing the keto diet. Easy to use, easy to track and follow.


  • Average user rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • User friendly
  • Inbuilt calculators such as the carb calculator, macronutrient calculator
  • Helpful community support with forums for support and advice.
  • Able to access basic features for free
  • Incorporates an intermittent fastingOpens in a new tab. option
  • Beautiful interface and easy to to use


  • Sometimes there is a slow launch and load time
  • More advanced features require a subscription
  • Users report the app being buggy at times, especially on the android version
  • Does not work or sync with Fitbit and you need to manually enter your exercise which can be very frustrating

4. Lifesum

Lifesum is a diverse app that works on android and IOS, it helps to lose weight using various methods such as calorie counting, keto, paleo and others.

This is a personal favourite, it looks beautiful, it is easy to use and very user friendly. This has been an editors choice on the play store for a while now, with over 10,000,000 downloads

Lifesum is easy, especially for the busy person who doesnt want to spend too much time counting calories. Provides some great plans that are easy to follow and has a beautiful interface.


  • Incorporates calculators such as a keto calculatorOpens in a new tab. and a macro calculator
  • Has recipes and meal planners inbuilt
  • A calorie counter and food planner that syncs with FitBit, Runkeeper, S Health and other fitness apps
  • Carb tracking is accurate
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle instead of just focusing primarily on diet
  • Ability to track your own goals
  • Some good functions with the free version
  • Can easily track your water
  • Great and easy meal plans of many varieties including keto


  • Some small hiccups with barcode scanning
  • A little “pricey” when upgrading to a premium, but still reasonable
  • With the free version, you cant go back to previous days which makes it very frustrating!
  • The paid version does not offer that much more than the basic version
  • Some small minor errors with syncing to Samsung health

Take home message

With the huge variety of apps available for diet and keto tracking, there is one for everybody. These are my recommendations based on personal use. Lifesum and myfitnesspal are my personal favorites.

Emilie Masi
Registered Nurse

Emilie MASI

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