6 Best Mindfulness quotes

6 best mindfulness quotes to improve physical, mental and emotional health

6 mindfulness quotes to encourage mindfulness practice in daily life

Nurse mummy explores the 6 best mindfulness quotes. Engaging in mindfulness activities can help improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Mindfulness quotes are a fantastic way to remind yourself to slow down, be present and be grateful for your life experiences, and help to accept life challenges as a part of our journey of life. To find out more about the benefit of mindfulness please visit my post below.

Mindfulness practice is great for those suffering from chronic stress and burnout. I have explored signs and recovering from burnout and the effects of chronic stress.

6 Best Mindfulness Quotes

Nurse mummy presents 6 of the best mindfulness quotes. Please feel free to download and share these, even adding to your phone screen to help remind you of the messages.

1. Mindfulness and stillness

This quote is a personal favourite and how true is it? We are so busy all the time in our lives, trying to fit as much as we can into each day. It is very important to take time out to be mindful and be present in the moment, not only for our emotional and mental health but for our physical health. Burnout is becoming a huge problem, so take that break and have time just to yourself.

Mindfulness and stillness go hand in hand. Mindfulness quote for download and to share #mindfulness #mindfulnessquotes #mindfulnesssayings #spirituality #peace #relaxation

2. Mindfulness quote number 2 -The importance of life

As a nurse, if I had a dollar for every time a patient told me that after becoming unwell, they appreciate so much more the value of life. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes for someone to become unwell to realize that life is precious and to enjoy every single moment here on this earth. Being alive and having a body that works for us each day is truly a miracle, so enjoy the moments with loved ones, at the end of the day they are the ones that are important to us, not material things.

Mindfulness Quote for mindful existance

3. Busyness of life: A life lived too quick

We have such a high expectation of ourselves and it is not uncommon to feel guilty to take time for yourself. We live in a society that is surrounded by technology including social media, and we are constantly compared and comparing ourselves to others. Take some time to stop, take in the present moment and what you are grateful for, and focus on those simple things in life. Your child’s smile, your husband or wives laughter and being in good company. Those are the memories we take with us when we pass over, not what car we upgraded to or what type of iPhone we had in our back pocket.

Mindfulness quotes and sayings to improve mindfulness practice in every day life

4. Stop focusing on the past and future, focus on now

How often do you drive home from work thinking of all the things you have to do when you get home? How often do you toss and turn at night worried about something in the past, or in the future, both of which you can control or change? Live in the present moment and enjoy every aspect of it. Have gratitude for everything n your life and take it all in. The present moment is what is important, focus on that and appreciate every moment we have in life.

Present moment appreciation and mindfulness practice

5. Positive manifestation and thought

I am a strong believer in what you put out is what you get back. If your negative and a worrier, your likely to attract that as your future self. Focus on the present and be the best version of you in this present moment. This quote sums it up, plant your flowers, don’t plant weeds!

Will you grow weeds or flowers? Positive thoughts and mindfulness can affect all aspects of your life.

Quote 6- Live in the present and calm the mind

Living in the present moment and tuning into all your senses can help quieten the mind. If your thoughts are full of the past or worries of the future, your not engaging in the present moment. Your intuition or “gut feeling” is your true self and always listen to it. Never once have I been wrong when I have that gut feeling about something or someone. Calming your mind and being in the present is when you get your best ideas. I know I always get the best ideas when I am in the shower!!

Free mindfulness download

For those new to the idea of mindfulness, I have created a free eBook that introduces you more into the world of practising mindfulness. It is free to download!

I would love to hear from you! Comment below on some of your favourite mindfulness quotes 😀

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