10 health facts you don’t know about

10 health facts you didn't know about. Learn something new #healthfacts #health #interesting facts #wellbeingfacts

10 Health Facts: The human body, Health  Well-being and random interesting facts.

These 10 fascinating health facts cover a range of topics to provide you with knowledge and insights into how you can better take care of yourself and information about health from around the world.

As more research is released and with easy access to various health resources online, knowing facts from fiction is harder than ever. Because of this, it’s becoming more difficult to keep up to date with the latest facts.  Take a look at 10 health facts that may surprise you.

Health Fact #1: Fat does not weigh more than muscle

Fat vs Muscle in nurse mummys 10 fascinating  health facts you dont know. #health #healthfacts #fat #muscle #fatvsmuscle

How many times have you heard that fat weighs more than muscle? That is incorrect. Muscle and fat weigh the same kilo for kilo, pounds for pound. It is the density and space taken up in the body that varies. Muscle is more dense than fat and takes up less space than the same weight of fat.

Health fact # 2: A positive mindset helps you live longer

10 health facts you dont know. 
 Live longer by changing your mindset. Be positive, think positive thoughts and reap the rewards. #positive #mentalhealth #positivemindset

A study by researchersOpens in a new tab. suggests that there are benefits to a positive mindset and positive thoughts. Positive thinking can improve resilience,Opens in a new tab. decrease depression and anxiety, improve psychological well being, improve cardiovascular health, and also help age better.

I have written a post specifically looking at the benefits of mindfulness. Check it out HERE.Opens in a new tab.

Health Fact #3: Do your eyes pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open?

Sneezing with your eyes open, does it make your eyes pop out? 10 health facts you dont know #interestingfacts #healthfacts #learn #health

A popular “old wives tale” is that our eyes close during a sneeze to prevent our eyes popping out. 

Although humorous, this is incorrect.  Researchers believe that when our brain gets a signal to sneeze, it sends a message to certain areas to contract, like our esophagus and sphincter.

This signal also includes the muscles that control the movement of our eyelids.

It is thought this function occurs to prevent dust and other particles from entering our eyes during the sneeze.

Health Fact #4: Each cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes

Dangers of cigarettes, they shorten your life and cause many health related diseases. 10 health facts you dont know #health #healthimprovement #healthfacts

Thinking of quiting smoking? Each smoke you inhale reduces your life by 11 minutes!Opens in a new tab. Add that up over decades of smoking, is it worth it ?

Health Fact #5: Australian Doctors who wish to work in Antarctica need to have their appendix removed

Appendix removal is required by doctors travelling to Antarctica. 10 health facts you dont know#health #healthfacts #learn #appendix

The Australian Government recommends all Australian doctors wishing to be stationed in Antarctica during the winter have their appendix removed.

The reason for this is there is no way to transport unwell patients back to Australia for surgery during the harsh winter Antarctica weather. There is only one doctor present during that time of the year. In saying that, one Russian doctor removed his own appendix using local anaesthetic in the 1960s and survived.

Health Fact #6: Your thigh bones are stronger than concrete

Coming in at number 6 of 10 health facts you didn’t know is your thigh bones, or femur are the longest and strongest bone in the human body.Opens in a new tab. I The human femur can resist forces of 1,800 to 2,500 pounds, so it is not easily fracturedOpens in a new tab. and thought to be stronger than concrete!

Health Fact #7: Dogs can smell cancer and low blood sugar

Dogs have amazing senses of smell. They can detect cancer and lower blood sugars plus many other substances. 10 health facts you dont know #dogs #lovedogs #healthfacts #diabetes #cancer

Dogs noses are very sensitive and can be trained to detect a number of substances.  Numerous studies Opens in a new tab.have shown man’s best friends can smell cancers, including prostate cancer, breast cancer,Opens in a new tab. melanomasOpens in a new tab. and colorectal cancer.

Studies have also shown that mans best friend can also detect a chemical released through the skin, and can determine if someone has low blood sugar levels.

Health Fact # 8 Sitting down all day can kill you

Dangers of sedentary lifestyle, dangers of sitting. Increased health risks and death. 10 health facts you dont know #health #healthfacts #exercise

Scientists in Australia have found that sitting for long periods, for more than 10 hours per day,  can increase death risk by almost 48%! The researchers compared people who sat at their desks for 10 hours per day, to people who sat for less than 4 hours and discovered their increased risk of death! Opens in a new tab.

Health Fact #9 : Put a pencil between your teeth to feel happier

Boost your mood and stress levels instantly by smiling. 10 health facts you dont know #mentalhealth #mentalawareness #mentalillness #healthfacts

Putting a pen or pencil between your teeth helps to trick your brain into think your smiling. Of course, you could just fake smile for a while to get the same response.

Kelly McGonigal Ph.D writesOpens in a new tab. that faking a smile can can lift your mood and help you deal with stress. Read my blog on the effects of stress here.

Health Fact #10: Hair and nails do not keep growing after you die.

Does hair and nails keep growing after you die? 10 health facts you dont know #interestingfacts #healthfacts #learn

This myth freaked me out as a child.  It is a common myth that hair and nails continue to grow when we die. It may appear this way, as the tissues and skin shrivel giving the appearance that hair and nails have grown. Opens in a new tab.

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